After the first edition of the International Conference on Innovative Applied Energy (IAPE) which has been held from 14-15 March, 2019, in the King’s Centre, Oxford,  United Kingdom, the second edition of the IAPE conference will be take place in Cambridge City, United Kingdom. Due to the Covid-19 countermeasures, the Cambridge hosting venue will be announced as soon as the UK government relaxes the confinement measures. Also, the hosting venue will be one of the well known Colleges of the University of Cambridge

Meanwhile, authors are able to participate virtually using an online virtual conference platform. This decision has been made to offer alternative way to allow researchers to share their scientific work and interact with collaborators. Indeed, the coronavirus pandemic have pushed us to rethink the concept of meetings entirely and propose the virtual conference approach to make the meeting more accessible to a wider set of researchers and reach a larger audience than a conventional meeting could. Participants will watch recorded talks ahead of time and then join in online conversations on the day of the conference. The virtual conference program will be announced before the conference dates and the online conference platform will be available for all registered authors and listeners.s